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12 Inch Woofer for Bass Compensation of Open Baffle or Cabinet

The idea of W-12 is re-sizing W-15 for fitting with small rooms and pairing with full range speakers of smaller cone, like 6.5″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ for coherent soundstage, this model can be regarded as re-sized W-15, only the scale adjusted but coil, magnet, suspension system, etc., stays the same for similar performance.

  • It uses short coil and super thick washer design, leading to very weakened distortion, 15mm Xmax for a good bass.
  • With Lii Song paper cone of unique material, it has a wide frequency response and transparent sound so that it can coordinate with a great variety of full range drivers.
  • Double coil design let it competent to be adapted with amplifiers and connect in parallel or in series with other driver units, according to impedance.
  • The double coil makes it possible to be served as subwoofer, giving you more possibilities to play with these drivers.
  • As Lii Song driver developed by the same creator, this is a wonderful companion for other Lii Song full range drivers, especially on open baffle.

*Sold and priced as a single unit (not as a pair). 
*Prices in Canadian dollars.
*Can only be shipped within Canada.

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• Related power – Maximum power: 100W – 150W
• Nominal Inpendance Z: 8+8 Ohm
• Fs: 35.36Hz
• Qms: 5.529
• Vas: 473 L
• Cms: 0.199 mm/N
• Mms: 64.3 g
• Xmax: 15 mm(peak)
• Xmech: 20 mm(peak)
• Sd: 510.71 sqcm
• Qes: 0.802
• Qts: 0.700
• Re: 7.60 ohm
• Sensitiviry (2.83V / 1m): 93 .6dB (single coil)

26 × 55 × 55 cm
16 kg

All of our drivers and speakers give their best sound after approximately 100 playing hours. During this break-in period, we recommend that they are played at moderate listening levels.

All of our products have a high sensitivity; a low power amp is all you need to generate a magnificent sound. Please do not exceed the maximum rated power stated on the label.

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