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For W-18, our initial idea was like W-12, re-size W-15 using the same conception but found things can be better off, then after another year of further exploration came W-18, a monster for hardcore audiophiles who wish to fill their huge listening room with deep, elastic, surrounding and non-fatiguing bass. Try this with something like Pt-15 in a proper listening room and it will show a mega soundstage with superb detail and imaging.

  1. It uses underhung motoring system to realize accurate and deep bass while eliminating distortion.
  2. With Lii Song paper cone of unique material, it has a wide frequency response and transparent sound so that it can coordinate with a great variety of full range drivers.
  3. Double coil design let it competent to be adapted with amplifiers and connect in parallel or in series with other driver units, according to impedance.
  4. Optimized for open baffle usage so you can have fun with these simply using a baffle.
  5. As Lii Song driver developed by the same creator, this is a wonderful companion for other Lii Song full range drivers, especially on open baffle.
* Sold as single unit
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Related power – Maximum power: 150W – 200W
Nominal Inpendance Z: 8+8 Ohm
Fs: 26.85Hz
Qms: 4.240
Vas: 581.76 L
Cms: 0.477 mm/N
Mms: 438.7 g
Sd: 1219.22 sqcm
Qes: 1.034
Qts: 0.831
Re: 7.60 ohm
Sensitiviry (2.83V / 1m): 92 .6dB (single coil)

50 × 50 × 45 cm
21 kg

All of our drivers and speakers give their best sound after approximately 100 playing hours. During this break-in period, we recommend that they are played at moderate listening levels.

All of our products have a high sensitivity; a low power amp is all you need to generate a magnificent sound. Please do not exceed the maximum rated power stated on the label.

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