Welcome to Lii Song Canada!

We are so happy to be here as the exclusive Canadian store for Lii Song drivers and speakers and the exclusive North American store for Lyric speakers (which uses Lii Song drivers). As long-time users and purchasers of Lii Song products ourselves, we know and appreciate firsthand just how amazing this brand is and we couldn't be more thrilled with the opportunity to be able to bring these beauties closer to home for all of you.

We look forward to helping bring Lii Song and Lyric into your home and into your audio world!


Lii Song Canada and Lyric North America!

(Madly Audacious Concepts Inc. d/b/a Lii Song Canada)

Lii Audio / Lii Song (lii-audio.com) was founded in 2016, near the beautiful Xizi Lake in Hangzhou, China. The company concentrates on designing and developing many types of high quality, full-range drivers and speakers.

"The sound is artistic. We believe that only by achieving a perfect design, insisting on handmade craftsmanship and adjusting the sound, can a speaker be enchanted with art and life.

We are dedicated to providing music fans around the world with a feast of exquisite listening experience."

~ Weiyu Zhang, Co-founder, Lii Audio / Lii Song ~