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The Zen Master open baffle is a classic open baffle design created by Steve Deckert of Decware from inspiration of Caintuck open baffle, and led to tons of follows and discussions, the initial discussion can be seen here:

During development of the open baffle, Steve found our F-15 driver units and used them on the design with very satisfactory outcome, after he shared his discoveries, many audiophiles followed this design and gave their happy feedback. Then Decware refined the design and started offering a hardwood version of “Zen Master” series of open baffles:

The Zen Master open baffle we are offering follows the same acoustic design, but have some differences in terms of material and finishing. They are made by piano factory using piano MDF + veneer and finished in piano glossy thick lacquer, and reinforced by a heavy metal base with spikes, this brings a very stable acoustic base for sound performance. The front openness is curved shape forming a small horn that inproves the dense midrange and ensures smooth projection of soundwave. We also installed the drop-in upgrade of F-15, Fast-15 that has both bass and high improved so as to make sure the sound as impressive as the look.

Review from Andrew Robinson of Zen Master:

Sound demo from Decware:

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